Portugal: Tourism revenue rises 13.9pct in Q1

By On August 22, 2018

Portugal: Tourism revenue rises 13.9pct in Q1

Lisbon â€" Tourism revenue rose 13.6% in June compared to the same month in 2017 to €1.43 billion, the central bank added.

The most pronounced rises took place in March (20.3%), May (19.5%) and February (16.1%).

The secretary of state for tourism pointed out that “tourism revenue in Portugal is growing five times more than the growth of the number of guests.”

In the first quarter, the number of guests increased 2.6% to 9.6 million and overnight stays rose 0.5% to 25.4 million.

Portugal’s tourism boom has made the industry the largest employer and one of the main contributors to the economy.

    Source: Google News Portugal | Netizen 24 Portugal

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