Lyrics and riffs with Portugal. The Man's Eric Howk

By On June 08, 2018

Lyrics and riffs with Portugal. The Man's Eric Howk

Portugal. The Man image
Portugal. The Man going at it. Visible from left are Zach Carothers, John Gourley and Eric Howk. (From Portugal. The Man website)

There they are, as the January 28, 2018 Grammy night gets underway, doing a red-carpet interview, Zach and John. Their song, “Feel It Still,” written during a 45-minute break from working on “Live in the Moment,” was a surprise nominee for best pop duo/group performance.

Zach does most of the media chatter, claiming to be wearing his first ever tuxedo. John listens and nods, and chimes in that they are most creative right after they finish a record. The hit song “just makes me want to work harder,” he said.

Two hours later, they hold the Grammy in their hands. There’s Eric, all smiles, in a tux. Again, Zach does the speechifying, saying it’s important to “Rep where you’re from,” and giving a shout out to villagers from “Shishmaref, Barrow, Bethel, all the Indigenous Peoples in Alaska and around the world. You’re beautiful, your culture’s beautiful…Rep where you’re from!”

When asked about being nominated for a Grammy on their eighth album, Zach said:

“There’s amazing artists that come out of nowhere that are just amazingly talented. We weren’t those people â€" we had to work for a while and get better… We had to play thousands of shows, we had to make those albums and keep getting better, and we’re all about hard work, and that’s what we’ve been doing.”

“We like the struggle,” he added. “We like sleeping in vans and eating rice at rest stops and it feels good to look back on the journey that we’ve done and all that it took to get there and get this nomination [for best pop duo/group performance] is huge for us .”

It will be fun to hear Eric’s take on the journey (he’s been with the band since 2015 and plays on ‘Feel It Still’) as we listen to this and other tunes, dissect some lyrics and hear tales from the tour.

So get ready. Watch the music video; here are lyrics to “Feel It Still”:

HOST: Kathleen McCoy


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